Put Your Cleaning In Our Hands

Kenmore, WA


About Ethical Enterprises Cleaning Service

Mission Statement

Provide a superior quality of cleaning thus bringing cleanliness and order into the environment and giving our clients more freedom in their lives.

We are reliable, honest and operate with integrity. We are dedicated to delivering superior quality cleaning to you.

Dedicated to Providing Superior Quality House and Commercial Cleaning

We have very high standards in our cleaning and our business relationships. You can count on us to listen carefully to what you need and want us to do and clean your house or business according to your wishes.

Clear Communication with Your Cleaning Team

You’ll find us easy to communicate with from the first day and continue throughout our relationship with you. Your phone calls and e-mails will be answered promptly. Your satisfaction is very important – so we appreciate you letting us know if you would like your cleaning done differently.

How You Can Expect to be Treated

Every employee is personally trained by Cheryl and Bob Perin. You have our commitment that every employee of Ethical Enterprises cleans to our standards, will communicate clearly, is reliable, productive, and will show respect for you and your home or business premises at all times.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Ethical Enterprises is licensed, bonded and insured for residential and commercial cleaning services. This provides you with the assurance that in the unlikely event of breakage or injury our insurance or bond will make the situation whole again.

Going Above and Beyond

We often do other actions for our clients beyond the scope of cleaning. We have moved boxes, put in or taken out window screens, numerous handyman services, watered plants, walked the dog, fed the cat and the list goes on. We hope you’ll let us know when we can be of extra assistance to make your life easier.

You can count on us to let you know if we observe anything that might need attention such as dripping faucets, leaks, broken window locks, insect infestations, etc.


We have been in business since 1984; since 1997 in the Seattle area. In 2006, Bob and Cheryl teamed up and expanded the company to provide home and commercial cleaning services as a family business provide employment for others.